Why A Garage is An Essential Room In The Australian Home

Protecting your car isn’t the only benefit to building a garage. Did you know, you can save thousands of dollars a year on your insurance premium by parking your car in a garage?

The Practicality of a Domestic or Residential Garage

Do you run out to your car in the rain? Are your tools overflowing in a cupboard? The extra space and convenience afforded by a garage can make your home life so much more manageable. From cleaning up the kid’s bikes leaning against the back fence, to having a space to work on projects, the garage is an essential room in the Australian home.
It is the little thing like carrying your groceries into the kitchen from a conjoined garage door, rather than legging them up the driveway. It is getting into your car on a hot day and not having to worry that the seatbelt’s metal clasp might brand you? Scratching around the door handle in the poorly lit street or easily finding where the key goes. It all adds up.

A Garage Can Maintain the Value and Appearance of Your Car.

After our homes, most of us would consider our cars our biggest assets. We need to protect them, and a garage is a great way to get them out of that powerful Perth sun, unpredictable weather, and occasional cyclone.

If you keep your car in a garage, it will look better for longer. You are protecting it from all the dust, bird dropping, falling debris, and the neighbourhood kids and their rugby balls. This all accumulates. You end up washing your car more often and over a longer time frame you are depreciating the value of your car by keeping it outside.

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