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The Many Purposes of a Humble Shed!

Be it a commercial shed, farm shed, or industrial shed, a shed doesn’t always need to be used purely for storage purposes.

For starters, sheds can vary enormously in size, appearance and purpose, and over the years GRID Garages & Sheds in Perth, WA, have built and seen sheds used in a variety of ways…some of which you may not expect!

Be prepared to get your creative juices flowing with some of these fantastic ideas.

Office Sheds

Need to create an extra office to complement your industrial or commercial workplace, or create office space to give you your own private work area? Erecting and decking out a shed to your own taste can be a relatively simple and cost effective way to achieve your goal.

Recreational Sheds

Why not be a little imaginative and design a shed to provide you with that extra recreational space you’ve always dreamed of? Whether it’s for a kid’s cubby house, an awesome treehouse, to contain a table tennis or pool table, or to set up as a bar, or even a man cave…the possibilities are endless!

Residential Sheds

Whether you need alternative living arrangements while building, a small retreat, or accommodation for visitors, whatever the reason, converting a shed into a Class 1a liveable dwelling can be a practical, and often very aesthetically pleasing option.

Aircraft Hangar Sheds

A strong, securely erected purpose built shed can be a great option as an aircraft hangar. If you’re lucky enough to need it, a shed as an aircraft hangar can be a great choice, with input from you on door options and how you want your hangar to function.

Retail Sheds

Hairdressers, beauty salons, retail shops, even cafes…ever thought of setting up in a shed? We’ve seen it done, and not only can it be a functional option, but also a very stunning and modern one!

Pop-up businesses are thriving and look like they’re here to say, what better way to utilise this growing trend than customising a shed to suit your needs.

Whether we have only just now planted the seed, you’ve already done a little research yourself, you know exactly what you’re looking for, or you want to utilise GRID’s years of experience and expertise, for all your shed needs in Perth, GRID Garages & Sheds are here to help!