Remote Mess Hall Construction for Mining Site

Our client required custom shed builders to design a mess hall for their mine site camp in mid-Western Australia. The project involved supply, delivery and installation of a steel frame building that could house up to 500 people at any one time. Grids Garages, Sheds & Patios collaborated with the mine operator’s architect to design the custom shed. The project will be state-of-the-art once completed.  

Site condition and the remote location were considerations to the design and planning of the mess hall. Our qualified and experienced team overcame challenges by using our pre-fabricated structural system which will allow the installation of the building on a large concrete floor – engineered especially for the site conditions. This attention to detail will make the installation of the steel frame building much faster and simplify other services for the build.

We were able to reduce the turnaround time by two months, which will save our client valuable time and expense. The mining company was incredibly appreciative, as they could use this saving to move forward with their development efficiently. Our team loves the challenge of a difficult site and custom shed build to exceed client expectations.